Please find below some of our frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you are looking for feel free contact us via email or phone.

Can anyone attend your events?

In a nut shell, YEAH! If you are interested in an event and are in the recommended age bracket then, welcome to the SQUAD. Anyone from any training facility can attend our events as we aim to provide experiences on top of your current training.


How will these events benefit my child if they already attend a performing arts school?

Performing arts schools are a great way to develop skills from regular faculty members. We at NPS believe that you can never learn too much or from too many people which is why we bring in different industry professionals each event to work with the talent in the North. Our events provide an additional experience which allow young performers to use their existing skills whilst gaining new experiences/techniques from established professionals. 


As teachers in performing various arts schools, we also know that there isn’t always a chance to focus solely on audition preparation or the time to provide outside workshops consistently throughout the year. Training centres are such encouraging friendly environments, however, audition spaces can often be full of new people, quick paced and nerve-wracking. All our events but especially our Audition prep workshops allow you to feel safe and confident in an audition room just like your training centre makes you feel comfortable on stage. There is so much focus on technique and preparation for performance which is fantastic but auditioning is a whole different skill in itself. In order to prepare for performances, you get weeks to learn routines, in auditions you get minutes. This is a completely separate skill to your training that is essential if you want a carer in the performing arts. 


What do you have catered for young people solely interested in dance?

Not every audition and drama school prep workshop will be Musical Theatre based with every event detailed in full on our website. We have lots of different events throughout the year for dancers so be sure to keep updated on our website and social media sites for all events. To hear about our events before they go on social media join our newsletter or and feel free to contact us with any requests or enquiries regarding upcoming events directly.


Can anyone of any age attend your Workshops and Masterclasses?

All our workshop and masterclasses will come with a recommended age range depending on the content of the Masterclass/Musical or type of audition. We aim to provide a variety of opportunities for all ages from 5 - 21.


What is the difference between a Workshop and a Masterclass?

Our West End Masterclasses are usually based around a specific Musical or skill with a professional from that show teaching material from it. Our workshops are usually based around auditioning therefore catered to those more interested in the auditions and looking at gaining feedback and knowledge about the process. A panel is usually present in order to give feedback about the attendees overall performance in order for them to gain insight into what a panel is looking for. This can be a different environment to our usual masterclasses however both environments are a safe and encouraging space where we encourage questions, we just treat one with a little more formality in order to mimic the correct process.


Can any ability attend your workshops and Masterclasses?

In short yes! Our West End Masterclasses especially are for anyone who is interested in a particular event/show. Material will always be taken directly from the show however these events hold no pressure and are all about having fun. Our Audition Prep workshops, Associates programme and Intensives are more tailored for those who want to progress in the performing arts. Having said that anyone can come and test out their skills. It just means that our focus is a little different and tailored to those that want to progress in this field. All of our events still provide a safe and encouraging environment for each performer and we have a lot of fun along the way. Why not try one out and see for yourself.


Is there a membership fee?

No. We hold separate events. Just like going to watch your favourite show, you would buy your ticket for that specific date/show. Even though we provide regular Masterclasses around the North our professionals are all still working. So if you see an event you are interested in, it may not be repeated so grab your ticket while you can.