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This industry can be glorious, exciting and so rewarding, yet it can also be challenging, turbulent and taxing which is why we started our Wellness Workshops and incorporating mindset work.

Why Mindset?

It is always at the forefront of our minds that mental wellbeing is so important especially in what can be such a competitive industry. Having trained in leading drama schools, worked/working in the industry and teaching in various schools all over the UK, it is evident that not enough time is spent nurturing young performers mindsets as there is spent on nurturing their skill set.

This industry can be glorious, exciting and so rewarding, yet it can also be challenging, turbulent and taxing which is why we started including mindset in a lot of our workshops, programmes and hold specific Wellness workshops too.

Honestly you two and THE BEST for doing workshops like this!! It really shows that your hearts are in the right place and you really do love every single one of us!! Workshops like this are so important and helpful and I just wanted to say WE LOVE YOU!!

Originating online

Quite simply, mindset matters. Throughout the first 2020 lockdown, our Wellness workshops were first introduced as a way to comprehend what was happening and start to unpack the thoughts and feelings that may have held our SQUAD back.

We quickly figured out that what was stopping a lot of the Squad from reaching their full potential was their inner saboteur. This led onto many workshops around health, well being, facing your inner critic, gaining ownership of your life, being the best you and many other topics all based on challenging your mindset.

We incorporate mindset into all of our workshops and have built strong relationships with our Squad who know that we are there for them beyond the time that they spend in the studio.

Our Associates begin each session working on habit based exercises along with different topics each month which can help them create a tool box to pull from as and when needed, both in and out of the studio.

"First words out of her mouth OMG that was so good I loved it! 4 sheets of A4 notes a success and a positive experience thank you so much."

Rachael, -Associate Parent

These practises have helped many young performers recognise that they have the ownership over how they feel and are more than their craft whilst giving them the tools to continue to practise this day in day out. It is amazing to see the SQUAD continue to use these throughout their life as well as the NPS team reiterating their relevance in and out of the studio.

We know that this is an invaluable skill, not only for young performers but for young people in general so be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming Wellness workshops

"I love hosting workshops for children and teenagers so much! I really do believe that helping people navigate their thoughts from as young as possible is key to having higher self esteem and self worth as an adult."

Victoria Spence, - Confidence Coach

We believe that the performing arts is for everyone. If we can help you to fully access and be included in our sessions, taking into consideration any additional needs, please let us know. Do not hesitate to get in touch via email/phone to discuss how we can support you or your young performer.

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