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Associates programme

NPS Associates Programme is a monthly Musical theatre course designed to expand knowledge, confidence, mindset and skill set.

Audition slots for our September 2022 - July 2023 intake of both Junior & Senior Associates Programmes in SHEFFIELD are now closed. Please follow our social media and mailing list for next years auditions.

What is the programme?

Northern Prep Squads associates programme is designed to provide concentrated Musical Theatre training to young performers who want to expand their knowledge & skill set on top of their weekly classes.

This once a month intensive allows our attendees time to grow between each session whilst implementing practises in their current training facilities all whilst learning new techniques, gaining confidence, pushing themselves out of their comfort zone, forming new relationships and most of all having fun doing what they love.

Working with professionals from all areas of the industry from performers to casting and creatives, this programme aims to provide more understanding about this fabulous yet sometimes daunting industry.

Practise makes permanent not perfect. Perfect is simply an opinion which is subjective. Permanent is concrete, giving you the opportunity to grow whilst feeling confident in your ability to constantly deliver.

Why an Associates Programme?

We at NPS believe that you can never learn too much or from too many people which is why we bring in a new creative every month. Our associates programme is designed to run along side your young performers current training which is why anyone from any school/training facility can apply.

We aim to create independent performers therefore we share with our Associates the skills they need and the courage to impliment them themselves. With concentrated class sizes, regular teachers as well as different industry professionals each session, NPS provides a safe space in order to work hard, expand understanding and push yourself out of that comfort zone after all, PRACTISE MAKES PERMANENT!

"Since starting the associates program, I've grown in confidence and found myself constantly motivated to do better and push myself further out of my comfort zone. Jourdan and Jess have been so supportive and always go the extra mile to help us all achieve the most we can and I've made some lifelong friends! The progress I've made in the past 7 months is something that I'm so proud of"

Grace Bourke, Senior Associate

What is the difference between the Associates programme and our NPS Events?

Our events are for young performers of all ages and abilities to come and enjoy working with a professional and learn material from the West End shows. Our events offer attendees a small insight into the world of Musical Theatre.

Our Associate programme is designed for young performers who want to take their training to the next level. Everyone who has worked with us knows that we are all about having a good time however, we certainly mean business. We only want to work with individuals on our Associates Programme who are open minded, dedicated and passionate about increasing their knowledge and skill set.

It is designed for those who are dedicated to bettering their craft and who are open to exploring the performing arts with like minded people in a safe yet encouraging environment. The Associates masterclasses will be held at a faster pace, and with a lot more focus on technique and professionalism just like you would expect at a drama school. We at NPS want this programme to encourage and cultivate young talent by exploring different genres and avenues of Musical Theatre in order to gain knowledge of this fabulous yet competitive industry all whilst having fun.

Who will you work with?

Each month attendees will work with both Jourdan & Jess on anything from acting, singing, dancing, acting for TV, acting through song, stamina training, audition prep and much more. They will then work with an industry professional in a private masterclass for their group which will include not only performers from West End shows but also professionals from the casting & creative world.

The aim is to expose all attendees to different professionals from different areas of the performing arts in order to enlighten them on the industry whilst allowing them to better themselves and their craft. All professionals are hand picked by the NPS team as we want to ensure that our SQUAD work with professionals who are not only well respected but share our ethos of being fierce on stage but kind off.

Our previous professionals include casting directors from the West End, Leading drama school faculty and performers from West End/UK tours/TV Film.

What do you receive?

"After receiving a NPS workshop as a birthday gift from her grandma, Sofiya has only ever wanted more more more! Jourdan and Jess have completely taken her under their wing and after building up enough courage to go for an audition for the first year of Associates, she successfully gained a place and has not looked back since. Sofiya still struggles at time with confidence, something you wouldn’t expect from a performer- but it happens, and they have given her so much support and time but also attention to the things she needs in order to achieve her potential and be the best version of her. I can’t thank them enough for pulling together all of the parts of musical theatre into one place and helping not only Sofiya but the whole squad’s dreams come a little closer. We love you NPS #practisemakespermanent"

Laura Ormandy, Parent

Dates, times & prices

The Associates Programme is set to run 1 Sunday a month from 9:30am-1:30pm. Exact dates will be available upon audition but these are usually the last Sunday of each month for the SHEFFIELD course and the 3rd Sunday of the month for the MANCHESTER course (Manchester course pending September 2023). The course runs from September to July alongside the Academic year excluding December.

How much does it cost?

The Associates Programme is priced at a one off Fee of £400 for the year. This includes all of the above and works out at £40 a month. Half of the full payment is due upon acceptance after successful audition and the rest of the amount must be paid before the March session.

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with the Associate students at Northern Prep Squad. They are a talented and committed group of young performers with a great work ethic, and a huge amount of passion for what they do. It is clear that the training they are receiving from Jourdan and Jess, is providing them with a strong grounding in the skills and disciplines they require to continue their studies in the arts."

Shaun McCourt, Industry Professional

How can I join?

Acceptance onto the NPS Associates Programme is by audition only. We at NPS Associates want to work with individuals who work hard, push themselves and want to better their craft. The audition is so much fun and a time to show us your potential and willingness to improve. These will take place at the studios where we hold the Associates Sessions so either SHEFFIELD or MANCHESTER.

For more information on the audition process and to book your audition spot, visit our upcoming events page. Auditions spots for our Junior & Senior September 2022 intake will be available to book from February 2022. There is no fee to audition, however in order to show your interest and book an audition slot you will have to follow the process of purchasing a ticket which will cost £0. If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch.

Please keep an eye out on our events page to register your interest for next years programme.

We believe that the performing arts is for everyone. If we can help you to fully access and be included in our sessions, taking into consideration any additional needs, please let us know. Do not hesitate to get in touch via email/phone to discuss how we can support you or your young performer.

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