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Auditions can be a scary time for even the most seasoned professionals, that is why we decided to start our workshops, after all practise makes permanent. Come along to one of our mock audition workshops to put your training into practise whilst gaining personal feedback as well as industry tips and tricks to help you feel more confident about the audition process. We provide many different audition workshops here at Northern Prep Squad, including, Musical theatre, TV/FILM, Cruise style auditions (Singers and dancers) as well as Drama School prep auditions.

For those of you interested in taking your training further and auditioning for drama school, look out for our Drama School workshops. Come and practise your monologues, songs and dance calls before you head for the real thing. We can help guide you in the right direction and provide a realistic experience, along with feedback before you venture to your chosen school.


How it works

As an example of what to expect, this is what a typical Musical Theatre audition workshop at Northern Prep Squad looks like.


Sign in

You will be asked to sign in at the front desk where you will be given a number. Just like many auditions.



You will learn a dance fairly quickly and be asked to show it in smaller groups to give you the opportunity to really perform, dancer or not.



Just like in many auditions a scene will be sent to you the week before your workshop ready for you to learn and perform on the day. These will be worked through on the day in order to see how well you listen and take direction.



You will be asked to bring a cut song (Usually around 1:30min) accompanied or acapella to perform. The panel may work with you during this time and give you help with song choices, technique and performance quality. 


Tips & Tricks

Finally, we will give you our best tips and tricks for auditions, dispel any myths and answer any questions that you have. 


Have Fun!

Please remember this is not an audition and we want to help you grow as performers. There is no need to worry if you feel that you are less confident in any one of these disciplines. There will always be others in the same boat so why not come along and give it a try. You might surprise yourself. Remember, PRACTISE MAKES PERMANENT!

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